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Welcome to Victory Blvd Tattoo

At Victory Blvd Tattoo we’ve fought tooth and nail to create a tattoo parlour built on the ideals of our mentors and the convictions we’ve followed since the day we became tattooers. Reminiscent of a traditional street shop on the California Pike in the early 70’s, flash covers our walls from floor to ceiling, tattooers banter back and forth between stations, and customers walk out with a bold, solid tattoo they couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.

Located in the heart of W. Asheville, NC, Victory Blvd Tattoo is in the same convenient location with the same knowledgeable staff as the former California Emporium. Our male and female staff boast over 90 years of combined tattooing experience. Though we have a reputation and a passion for traditional Americana tattooing our artists are more than capable of creating quality tattoos in a wide variety of styles. Our main priority is providing our customers with the tattoos they desire while maintaining the integrity of our art. Modern, sterile, clean and friendly. Victory Blvd Tattoo: We Have What You Want.