Modern Electric Tattoing
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In '97 I served a brief apprenticeship at Ink Pot Tattoos under Jim Roosseau. Jim was a 80's era tattooer and biker that looked the part. I scrubbed toilets and mopped floors while Jim taught me what he knew.

I met California Ralph in late '99. Ralph offered me a job at his shop and I jumped at the chance. It was a gift to be able to learn from a true tattooer. Ralph was brought up on the Pike and that energy was alive in him. I went through sort-of a second apprenticeship with Ralph. He taught me the trade of tattooing and refined my technique. I prefer traditional, americana tattooing but I'm happy to tattoo whatever on whoever. Thanks to Jim and California Ralph.

I started my life in tattooing when I met California Ralph in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California.I began my apprentiship with Ralph back in 1992.

In march of 1994 I moved to Asheville,NC. to work with Ralph at his newly opened "California Emporium of Tattoos" where I worked for Ralph until his passing in march 2011.

I credit my mentors Ralph, Charlie Green and Jeff Cohen for molding me into the tattooer I am today. I consider myself a "street shop" tattooer doing a mix of walk in and custom appointment tattooing. My favorite style of tattoo and painting is traditional americana and japanese influenced imagery.

I was Raised in Chapel Hill. Luckily, I found California Ralph and became his last apprentice in 2009. I've worked here since and enjoy doing all styles of tattooing, especially black and grey work. I'm extremely grateful to be at this shop, in this line of work. Thanks California Ralph and the crew!

Emily Morel began tattooing in 2008. She apprenticed for 2 years with her former husband at their tattoo studio in Texas. Emily moved to Asheville in the spring of 2010 and started working at California Emporium, now Victory Blvd, shortly after. Emily enjoys all styles of tattoos, but has a fondness for traditional americana.

I began tattooing in 1997. I am grateful for the experience I have earned while tattooing in various shops throughout the states but I like to call Asheville and Victory Blvd. Tattoo home. For me tattooing is an art that has survived on the fringes of popular culture. I am drawn to traditional american tattoo imagery. You can reach me at the shop tuesday through saturday. Email me at

872 Haywood Rd. | Asheville, NC 2886 | 828-254-6147 |